Substance Studios

A Public Service Design Studio

Sound, Light, Graphic, Industrial, Interface, Data & Experience Design

About Us

Our Beliefs

When the old ways begin to give way to something yet to be imagined, we have a choice.   Live in the past or get down to the business of imaging the future.

We believe in people, the power of their ideas and the influence of their voices. True creativity lies in unique collaborations between insightful artists, makers, magicians and marketers.

we are creators, storytellers, film makers, coders, writers, musicians, engineers, activists, publicists, strategists, architects and artists who love connecting people to enduring experiences that drive market making innovation.

we are a public service design studio that creates immersive experiences, original content, entertainment and media platforms that act as social catalysts which connect people

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Substance Studios, Incorporated  2020   |   Made In New York